It is our pleasure to announce the re-introduction of the PCM Scholarship Examination from the academic year 2023-24 onwards. We are committed to taking forward its rich legacy of over thirty years. The exam provides a platform for the students to test their knowledge across different subjects and calls for problem-solving ability and conceptual clarity along with scholastic aptitude.

The examination is held for students studying in Classes 1 to 5, with separate tests for each class. Students studying in English Medium schools across India shall be eligible to participate in the examination. The respective schools shall confirm the candidature of individual students. Registration is free and participants need not remit any fees.

The syllabus shall be based on the academic curricula for the respective levels, with emphasis on higher-order thinking skills such as application, analysis, synthesis, imagination and creativity. A detailed printed syllabus will be provided for distribution among the participants.

The examination shall comprise two rounds (Preliminary and Final).

Preliminary Round (School level): Written test to be held at the respective schools.
  1. Schools have to register at www.curriculumindia.com between 1st July 2023 and 31st July 2023.
  2. The number of participants in each class should be entered in the website.
  3. The syllabus for each class shall be provided to the registered schools for distribution to the participating students.
  4. Preliminary Examinations shall be conducted by the respective schools on 29th September 2023, using the question papers provided for each class.
  5. Valuation of the answer sheets is to be done by the respective schools.
  6. All students who score 60% and above shall qualify for the final round.
  7. The full name, class and parent’s contact number of all qualifying students need to be entered in the website www.curriculumindia.com latest by 27th October 2023.
Final Round (National level): Online Examination
  1. The registration for the final exams should be individually completed by the respective parents between 1st November 2023 and 30th November 2023. The final round would be in online mode and the students have the choice to attend the exams from any location of their convenience.
  2. The final round shall be AI Proctored. The students shall be monitored throughout the course of the exam, to avoid any kind of malpractice.
  3. To enable a fair and transparent conduct of the exam, face recognition shall be used during the online registration process and also during the examination, for proctoring purposes.
  4. A detailed step-by-step intimation of the registration and examination process shall be separately sent to the schools which is to be distributed to students selected for final round.
School Registration 1st July 2023 to 31st July 2023
Examination - Preliminary 3rd November 2023
Last date to update preliminary results in www.curriculumindia.com 3rd November 2023 - 4th December 2023
Online Registration for Final Round 15th November 2023 to 15th December 2023
Online Examination - Final Round 15th January 2024 - 26th January 2024

Please note:

  • The syllabus shall reach the schools within ten days from the date of registration.
  • Question papers for the preliminary round shall reach the respective schools on or before 24th September 2023.
  • Dates scheduled for announcement of final results and prize distribution shall be communicated later.
  • We request you to designate a teacher / staff member as a ’SPOC’ (specific person of contact) and submit the name and contact number at the time of registration.
First Position (each class) Memento, Certificate of Merit and Scholarship of Rs. 10001/-
Second Position (each class) Memento, Certificate of Merit and Scholarship of Rs. 7001/-
Third Position (each class) Memento, Certificate of Merit and Scholarship of Rs. 3001/-
Fourth & Fifth Position (each class) Medal, Certificate of Merit and Scholarship of Rs. 1001/-
Subsequent Hundred Position (each class) Medal, Certificate of Merit and Scholarship of Rs. 501/-
All other participants scoring 80% & above Medal and Certificate of Merit
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